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I first started seeing Elijah for acupuncture about 10 years ago and could not have imagined the journey that we would embark on together. I have gone through therapy with many different psychologists, and psychiatrists, but have not felt like I had a breakthrough or the ability to open up like I have with Elijah. I have made several positive changes in my life since attending coaching with Elijah. She is patient and non-judgmental and genuinely cares. She provided me...

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I have been seeing Elijah for acupuncture for almost 10 years now and continue to be amazed at the results and the improvement in my quality of life from seeing her. She is an amazing person who truly cares about your health and has become someone I consider a friend over the last decade. Her bedside manner makes you instantly feel comfortable and you can tell that she really has your best interests at heart. So when Elijah told me...

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I began my life coaching journey with a vague sense that I wanted to live a more deliberate, focused life, but I didn’t know how to accomplish that, or even how to fully articulate what I wanted. I had an immediate desire to feel less scattered and reactive in my daily life. I also had goals for where I wanted to be in a few years’ time, but I was unsure of how to accomplish them, or if they were even...

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Coaching with Elijah… Wow! What a beautiful journey it is turning out to be, and we’ve only had like 3 sessions already! It is truly an honour to be coached by Elijah – when we’re on a call, I kind of feel like I continuously siphon off her wisdom and powerful grounded energy, yet throughout she remains steadfast in her unwavering centredness and presence.

I’ve no idea how it works, but somehow she shows up as a strong anchor in our conversations:...

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