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Deep Transformational Life Coaching & Sweet Soul Healing

Available worldwide by phone or VOIP

I want to invite you on a journey,
A journey beneath the surface, to the hidden parts of yourself,
A journey to lightness, to joy, to suppleness and emotional fluidity, to purpose and curiosity and creativity and freedom.

I am here to midwife your spirit.

To hold torches for you while you embark on the excavation of your soul, your spirit-self, your pure and true nature - who you really are, beneath all programming and expectations.
I will light torches so that you may see into the darkness of your inner knowing, and I will mirror your truths back to you.

You will reconnect to that which is sacred.

I will help you change your experience in the present day – help you connect to something deep and real in how you experience the world and yourself. Something beyond the rat race, the anxiety, the confusion, the endless distraction.

I will help you identify the deep motivators - the why you do what you do - and give you techniques to shift them, if you choose to create something different in your life.

My goal is for you to experience profound positive change.

I know you have everything you need to do it. My road is that of a mystic and a healer and I am offering to be your guide throughout your process of transformation. Together we will make a map, and I will mark the trail for you. I will accompany you on your journey, so that you are not wandering alone without direction.

Using tools such as guided mediation, visualization, journaling, commitment, ritual, ceremony, and gentle but pointed inquiry, I will facilitate your movement. You will begin your becoming.

This work is not for everyone.
If you are the right person for it, if you are ready for it, then all you need do to begin is to dip your toe in by accepting the challenge of working with me. I’ll guide you through the rest.

If you’re afraid, then by the nature of fear itself, you have what it takes to be courageous.
There is no courage without fear.
Bring on the bravery.

This is what I offer you: deep, serious, profound spirit work - but I deliver it with a sense of safety, a lightness of heart, an easy rapport and a great deal of humor.

If your interest is sparked, call or email me to schedule 30 minutes to talk about your path and how this work might help you - at no cost. It’s my gift to you, your “Set Your Destination” call.

"It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery, rather than to choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives."

– Marianne Williamson

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